Dietary control method to prevent tooth decay

Dietary control method to prevent tooth decay


Food is a big part of what causes tooth decay. In particular, snacks such as soft bread that are high in sugar and refined, caramels that stick well to teeth, juices, and carbonated drinks are favorite foods that cause tooth decay.

First of all, I think it’s good to cut down on these foods, but you can’t stop eating them. In particular, carbonated beverages such as cola and cider have strong acidity and are more prone to tooth decay. The same goes for juices. So, when drinking such a drink, avoid keeping it in your mouth with a straw if possible, but swallow it immediately to minimize the time the drink touches your teeth. Immediately after drinking such a drink, the surface of your teeth is weak, so drink water to neutralize acidity. If you brush right away, the surface of the weakened tooth will be sharpened, so it is recommended to brush after at least 1 hour.

When it comes to wine, white wine has a stronger acidity than red wine. In particular, when you drink wine, there is a process of holding it in your mouth and savoring the aroma and taste of the wine. This causes the surface of the teeth to be corroded and the teeth are discolored. If you are thinking about the health of your teeth, you should also have one shot of wine. For wine-loving Europeans, it is said that the main cause of tooth discoloration is wine.

All foods have a tooth decay incidence index. A caries incidence index is a number indicating the degree to which caries occur. The higher the number, the more likely caries will develop. In other words, the degree to which tooth decay occurs is different depending on the type of food we eat, so it is good to know these things to prevent tooth decay. For reference, the index of caries incidence is

1. Monosaccharides (white rice, white bread, syrup, sugar, etc.) are higher than polysaccharides (brown rice, whole wheat bread, etc.).
2. Solid foods are higher than liquid foods.
3. Processed foods such as fast food are higher than natural foods such as vegetables.
4. It contains a lot of sugar and sticks to the teeth, and the more it sticks to the teeth, the higher it is.

Kimchi has a caries incidence index of 3, but chocolate is 15, malt is 36, caramel is 38, and so on. If you need help, hit the link, ohora nails review

And when you buy food, you can protect your teeth even more if you buy foods that have a tooth protection food certification mark (the mark that your teeth wear an umbrella) on the outer envelope.